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For anyone wondering: My day didn’t get a lot better on Friday until the kids were asleep. Big Girl lost it at religion over scrapbook stickers. She was asked to leave the table. She was crying on the couch as her friends and classmates left. As much as it killed me, I kept my mouth shut and stayed calm. Went to the chiropractor. (A usual digression: Anyone on Long Island who is having pain issues should try my chiropractor/Active Release Therapies guy, Dr. Catoggio in Merrick. He was a miracle worker, fixing my major migraine. Then he adjusted both kids, and the best part: We only waited like five minutes between the lobby and the actual treatment room.)

Okay, so we get home, have pancakes, yogurt, and strawberries for dinner (hubby is in the city with friends), and we’re all calmer and quieter. We read books, and both kids were in bed by 7:45. And both went to bed smiling and happy. I started reading my next book club book, The Lost Girls, and turned in around midnight.

Saturday was a whirlwind of activity. We went to see the Gazillion Bubble Show in New York City. The kids had a BALL. Both Little and Big. And I thought it was pretty amazing, too. The bubble tricks were impressive. Both girls were laughing and smiling and jumping up and down in their seats. Loved the theater, which is small and cozy enough so there really aren’t any bad seats in the house. And the laser show was incredible. I found myself asking how the heck the performer, Deni Yang, was able to do what he was doing. (Basically controlling lasers with his hands. Very neat trick!)

After the show we ate dinner at a brand new pizza place on the corner of 50th and 10th. (Amazing pizza!) And then we drove home. The cool part of this was that we got stuck in heavy traffic on the way in and we didn’t think we were going to make it. And we did.

On the way home we stopped at what Little Girl calls, “Poooky House!,” a house that is decorated with witches, several of them live and walking around. We stood there with probably 50 of our neighbors oohing and ahhing over the witches, who came down to the crowd and handed out apples. Then hubby and I went to a costume party dressed as babies, complete with one-piece, feetie pajamas.

Halloween was Halloween. Candy. Trick or treating. My father-in-law came in to help out tomorrow when my husband has his surgery. Oh, yeah. My husband is getting a fourth operation this week. I’m trying to stay upbeat.

Anyway, hope everyone had a good weekend…

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