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I believe in the soul. I believe it endures even after the physical body is gone. I also believe that certain souls are drawn to each other. This is why, I think, we meet people and feel like we have known them forever (because maybe we have). Big Girl, for example, has several friends who fall into this category. It’s not surprising then that I believe something — call them spirits, call them angels, whatever — can come back and visit us in times of stress or pain.

Several years ago we were having a huge problem with our house alarm. Huge. The front door chimes, which beep whenever someone enters or leaves the house, kept going off without a reason. In addition, the alarm would go off all the time. Again, with no reason. The chimes were unnerving. The false alarms were just plain annoying. After about six months and several attempted fixes (think service calls, battery changes, and sensor changes), I went to a medium with a bunch of friends. I never in a million years thought I would find a solution that night, but I did.

While I was there the medium said she was getting a message for someone who had an issue with an alarm that kept going off. I got chills then like I do now when I recall that night. I raised my hand. After a few amazing confirmations (for example, a message acknowledging that my mom, who was not there and didn’t know anyone there, had recently had her engagement diamond reset) we realized it was my dad coming through. He told me all sorts of things that were specific and obscure enough to know that it was really him and the woman wasn’t a flake or a charlatan. Before he “left,” the medium asked him to please stop setting off the alarm. That it was scaring us. He said he would. I know many people will scoff when I say that alarm immediately stopped beeping and going off on us. Until last night.

My father-in-law was staying with us Sunday through this morning. While he was here we talked a lot about his mother, who I absolutely adored. She was feisty and fun and she adored me and idolized her grandson. I never felt less-than with her. She died in July, 2003, only a few months before Big Girl was born. Anyway, during my father-in-law’s visit we told Big Girl, who carries that wonderful woman’s middle name, all sorts of stories about her. I said I wished she was still alive because she would have loved and spoiled her two grandchildren, especially Big Girl.

On Monday night — the night before the surgery — I was working late. It was dead quiet in my house as the house should be around 2 a.m. when I heard something go boom. I cautiously walked out of my office looking around. After some investigation, I saw that a bunch of bath toys had inexplicably dropped into the kids’ bathtub. The bathtub that we haven’t used in ages. Happy that no one was breaking in, I went back into my office. Ten minutes later I heard the second set of toys drop. At was then that I knew it was probably my husband’s grandma letting me know she was there for us, and that she would be watching over my husband the next day. I was so sure, I told my husband and my father-in-law while we were waiting in the pre-op room for the surgeon to come. Big Girl didn’t know anything about it, though.

Last night I went to a Zumba class since I’m going to be in the house for a while. (Can’t leave an injured, in-pain guy alone with two kids.) When I got home from the gym Big Girl was calling me from her bed. I went upstairs. She had a whole story for me. “I’m scared, Mommy. Two of my dollhouse toys just fell out onto the floor. I was in bed! Is it a ghost?!?” I was slightly shocked, but realized that Grandma must still be around. I smiled and explained that it was probably the grandma she was named after wanting Big Girl to know she was being watched over. That she wasn’t a ghost. She was an angel sent from Heaven. Big Girl was fine with that and went to sleep. We all did, actually. We were exhausted. But we weren’t going to sleep long. At 2:30 a.m. last night the alarm went off for no reason. The alarm originated in the same zone that used to go off for no reason. The one that my dad used to set off to let us know he was here and watching us. At the time, I didn’t make the connection.

This morning, all of us — minus my recovering husband who was still in bed — were standing by the front door when I heard the thump. Something fell in the guest room. Great Grandma saying goodbye to her son and letting us know that she was going back to wherever she was. When I told my husband about that final bump after getting home from dropping everyone off, my husband, my cynical husband, was the one who pointed out the “weird, freaky coincidence.” That the alarm that hadn’t gone off in years went off again last night.

It would be very easy to discount any or all of this. It would also be very easy to be scared by these events. I am choosing to look at it as a comforting thing. I am glad our angel was here for a while. I just hope she doesn’t stick around and wake us up again.

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