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Underwear Questions for Life

Quick! Which underwear do you have on? Are you wearing the old ones? The ones that you bought on eBay (new, of course) and have owned for more than a decade? Or are you wearing the really cute (yet still cotton, of course) hip-huggers you bought at Aerie? The ones your husband says look adorable on you?

For me, the answer has always been: It depends. What time of the month is it? (Sorry, TMI, I know.) Am I going to the gym in a few hours where they will get very sweaty and be tossed in the hamper in a bit? Will anyone else be seeing them? Do I have an event going on in a day or two and am I running short on the good ones? You can guess where this is going, I’m sure. I wear the really cute ones only on special occasions. The old ones are my daily staples.

I realized this tonight as I staggered out of the shower on my way to bed. I looked at the neatly folded knickers and made a choice between two pair. The cute blue striped Aeries and the sorta old, sorta past-their-prime Olga Secret Hug flowered number. I was just about to grab the nice pair when I realized that I would change them anyway in the morning. Why waste a good pair, I thought, as I pulled on the ones that should have been tossed a few years ago. This is a problem.

Why shouldn’t I wear really nice, really awesome underwear for myself? Just because they are comfy and dainty and fun? And forget about the fact that I will only be wearing them for about seven hours before changing them again. Yes, this is a problem and the story of my life. I need to figure out why I don’t feel like I deserve the nice underwear all the time. Why I don’t pitch all my old drawers and buy a drawer-full of cool panties? I’m not sure, but I’m going to explore it this week. That’s for sure.

Do you deny yourself anything today? If so, what and why? And what’s your favorite pair of underpants? Have any tips for me? I’d like to know.

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  1. MarthaAndMe says:

    I actually did just buy all new – got a 10 pack of the same brand, same size, same style I always wear. Guess what? They’re just a little smaller than the old ones. Not too tight to not be able to wear them, but just not as comfy as the old ones. Sigh

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