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Quick aside on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. Yesterday I went to Trader Joe’s for salad fixings. I stopped in front of really pretty red Roma tomatoes. Three of them sitting under plastic. On top of what I thought was a plastic tray. I hated doing it, but I had both kids and my mother-in-law with me. I purchased the tomatoes.

When I got home I opened them up and there, instead of finding a plastic tray I found a compostable tray! I was so excited I put the tomatoes in the crisper and starting putting all my food waste from the evening cooking right on that tray. When we were done and everyone went home I carried that tray outside and threw it, along with all the scraps, right into my compost bin.

Thanks, Trader Joe’s! Although I think it would be way better if you sold everything loose and let me use my reusable vegetable bags to take my tomatoes home this is a nice compromise — at least for now!

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