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Today the Car is Our Crib

I’ll admit it. I could never understand my friends who napped their kids in the car. I put Big Girl into or on anything — a crib, a pack and play, a stroller, a bed, my shoulder, the floor– told her to nap and she napped. She once fell asleep in the middle of an Eagles concert with ear plugs in her ears. If she fell asleep in the car it was no big deal. She transfered beautifully into the crib. Little Girl is not as easy.

Yes, she will sleep in her crib like a champ. (Aside from that one jumping out and breaking her clavical bone issue!) I put her in, give her Blankie and she’s out. Day or night. She’s fairly okay with pack and plays as long as she’s tired. However, she’s not the type of kid to nap outside of a crib or crib-like device. And she’s not one to delay gratification. There’s a party at 4? You can bet she’s going to have trouble falling asleep.

That’s what happened yesterday. We were invited to a block party. We made the mistake of telling her. Yes, she stayed in her crib, but we don’t think she slept. Today we had plans to go to a friend’s pool. We stopped at my in-law’s first for brunch. Around 1:30 we headed out to my friend’s taking a 30 minute drive. Little Girl, Blankie in hand, fell asleep about 15 minutes into the drive. Knowing she wouldn’t transfer, and that she desperately needed the nap, Big Girl and my husband snuck out of the car.

And now here I sit listening to Little Girl breathing, windows up, air conditioning on. Writing this post. I never thought I’d see the day. Big Girl always bent to our plans. Today, my plans went out the window because Little Girl’s plans included an unscheduled nap. I’m sure I’ll get into the pool soon. Right?

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