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The Facts of the Morning

Here is a summary of facts related to Big Girl’s holiday party:

1) There are 20 kids in Big Girl’s class.
2) The class moms get to go to every party.
3) Parents of children with food allergies get to attend parties automatically.
4) Only one other parent gets to go to the holiday party.
5) I was not “picked from the hat.”
6) I could think of a better way to handle parties.
7) I am not a happy camper, and yet, because I love my kid, I was up icing cupcakes with homemade, organic icing at 8:45 this morning.

Here’s my summary of my Christmas shopping, in bullet format.

  • I can’t figure out what to get my brother.
  • I absolutely love Amazon Mom, Amazon’s Prime offering for moms and grandmas. Free shipping rocks.
  • We bought considerably more for Big Girl than we did for Little Girl.
  • I still need to buy my mom a few more things, but can’t figure out what to buy.
  • I hate plastic shipping peanuts.

Here are some other decisions I need to make, in numbered order:

  1. Whether or not I will suck it up and drive my kid back to private school every day since, I’m sorry, but it’s true, I am not happy with our public school experience.
  2. What to do about the fact that Big Girl came home crying yesterday telling me that some kids on the bus called her names with curses in them.
  3. Whether or not I let Little Girl attend Big Girl’s Brownie meeting because she “really, really, really wants to go.” And it is going to be a lot of fun. (I love being a Brownie leader, even if I am creatively-challenged!)

If only all of my conundrums were as simple as number three…

Hope everyone is enjoying the season, whether you celebrate Christmas or Kwanzaa or Al-Hijira or have already celebrated Hanukkah…

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