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I own the HTC G1. I bought it on May 3, 2009. I love it. LOVE it. Or at least I loved it until a few days ago.

It’s got a full flip out keyboard, lots of apps, a touch screen. I can check my personal email and my work email. I can text. I’ve even approved blog comments from the phone while sitting in a spin class. (I’ve also tracked an entire spin class playlist using the Shazam app.) Oh, yeah. And I can make and receive phone calls. My G1 is my indispensable toy. With it, I can actually leave the house and stay in touch with work, the kids, friends and family without losing my mind.

Okay, so about two weeks ago my touch screen stopped working. I was too busy to do anything about it. (Stupid, stupid, STUPID.) I just used the track ball to navigate around. That was fine until all of a sudden the rest of the phone died, too. I started getting an “android.process.acore has stopped suddenly. Force close?” error message. Now I can’t make or receive calls. I can’t check email, either. (For some wacky reason I can get text messages, though, and use my browser.) That’s why, early last week, I called T*Mobile.

The nice customer service person explained that I was outside the one-year warranty by 12 days. Great. So they couldn’t really help me. They referred me to HTC, which makes the phone. HTC told me that they would take my credit card, charge me around $30 or so for diagnostics, but that a touch screen problem would probably be about $225 to fix. WHAT?!? I only paid $195.51 for the phone! Sheesh.

I hung up and moped around for a bit until it hit me: Could it be possible? Did I buy the phone with my American Express card? I went to my account online and, hands shaking, ordered a PDF of my old statements. Was it on the May or June statement? I ordered both. And there it was on the May statement: $195.51 charged at my local T*Mobile. Score! American Express extends your manufacturer’s warranty. So my one year manufacturer’s warranty became a two-year warranty.

I dialed the extended warranty line and got a nice guy on the phone. Yes, he said. I was entitled to make a claim. And did I want a check or a credit on my account should the claims adjuster accept my claim? Ummm. Neither, I said. I want the phone FIXED. It’s got my contacts on it. It’s got my photos. It’s got my apps. I don’t want a credit. I want my PHONE back. Doesn’t a warranty mean you’re going to fix it for me? But alas, that’s not how the program works, he said. I know, I know. I shouldn’t be complaining. But…sigh…I love that phone. (Insert bigger sigh and dramatic sob.)

Before we got off the phone he told me I have to wait for the insurance adjuster to deal with my claim, which could take up to 45 days. I can’t go without a phone for more than a month so I have a decision to make: What to do about my phone. Do I waste $30 on diagnostics when the HTC guy pretty much told me that touch screen problems are $200+ jobs? Do I go to T*Mobile to buy a new phone? Do I try the new cell phone repair store up the block? (Funny thing. The place just opened. When I first saw it I scoffed at it. WHO would need a cell phone repair shop, I wondered. Indeed!) I guess I’ll sleep on it. And in the meantime if you need me, text me. At least that function still works.

Which phone do you have? Do you love it? I only want a slide out keyboard, so please don’t tell me about how much you love your iPhone…

3 Responses to “Thanks, American Express. (I Guess?!?)”

  1. Fran says:

    Did you ask how much of your info is saved on the phone and can be transferred to a new phone? The last time I got a new phone, I was able to get all my contact info transferred from the old SIM card and I think I could have gotten pictures transferred as well, but I didn’t bother to check. Oh, and I know you don’t want to hear it, but I love my iPhone! I have to admit that slide out keyboard sounds pretty sweet though.

  2. MarthaandMe says:

    Yikes! Sorry to hear about your troubles!

  3. i bought an iPhone & i bought 2 yrs of Applecare with it. if i drop the damn thing off a bridge (and Portland has lots of bridges) i get it replaced at cost; any damage just gets fixed. period. it was an extra $80, but all it takes is one little oopsy, and i’m covered. if you return to your Android, i’d consider that. mobile devices are in too much danger; it’s worth the extra money to know an accident gets taken care of with no questions, right away.

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