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She Stole My Mop

I have a cleaning person. I feel guilty about this, although I know I shouldn’t. I’ve got two kids, an injured husband who isn’t around a lot, and I work full-time. If a cleaning lady lets me, for example, spend more time with the girls and less time cleaning bathrooms she is well worth the money.

My current person was a referral from a friend who is a teacher in a predominantly Spanish school. One of her student’s moms asked if she knew anyone who was in need of a cleaning lady. I had just posted my desperate need on Facebook. It was like a match made in Heaven aside from the fact that we can’t really communicate very well.

She’s not the best cleaning lady. My best was an amazing woman who cleaned until the place sparkled and shined. She only spoke Polish and didn’t wear deodorant, but my three animals loved her so much that they followed her from room to room. Even our evil cat, Beavis. Okay, digressing…it’s been a while since I’ve digressed. So the current woman is not great. She doesn’t do the moldings or the light switches. She misses spots under the kitchen table, and doesn’t get my shower as spotless as I’d like. But I trusted her because she was a referral, and a good referral. Something that happened on Friday, however, is making me question my judgment.

The woman was here on Friday. She cleans from 8:30 until 1:30. At noon I go pick up Little Girl at school and take her for lunch. This past Friday we went to the store, dropped off mail at the post office and came home just as the cleaning person was leaving. She said a hasty adios at the front door, and left. I immediately went upstairs to put Little Girl in for her nap. Just as I got to the top step — BAM — the strongest odor assaulted my nose. I followed the scent into Big Girl’s room. It was putrid, and after a few sniffs I realized: The cleaning lady had broken the Webkinz perfume that Big Girl got as a birthday party favor. She cleaned it up, but the scent was still lingering. (Actually, lingering is too soft. Filling the room so completely that I could sort of see a cartoon cloud wafting over the place is a much better way to explain how smelly the place was — and still is!) I was upset, but not that upset. I got it. She was probably upset that she broke the bottle, and didn’t know how to tell me. So she left. Whatever. I wasn’t thrilled, but whatever. Until tonight.

Earlier today I spilled something on my kitchen floor. Once I got the kids in bed I went to go get my mop out. I looked once, twice, three times. I took everything out. The mop itself was there, but both of the microfiber mop heads were gone! I couldn’t figure it out and then it hit me: the cleaning person had probably had to take them home to wash since they were saturated with perfume.

I dialed the woman’s number and left her a message. (Donde esta mi fregado? –I hope that was right). And now I don’t know what to do. I feel sort of violated. She’s broken my trust. Do I have this woman back in my house? Do I let her come on Friday, take my mop heads back, and send her on her way? I just don’t know. Anyone have any ideas? And what they heck am I going to do until Friday without a mop?!?

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  1. Robin says:

    You know, I’m not sure it’s such a huge violation of trust. Yeah, she could have handled the situation better, but she obviously felt badly and was trying to make the situation right by washing the mop heads. I would probably just let it go – accidents happen, and between really needing this job and not speaking much English, I can understand why she rushed off with the mop heads without saying anything about them or the perfume. And it sounds like you had some difficulty asking her about the situation, so she probably has the same difficulty telling you about it.

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