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This past Friday I was all ready to take a half-day. We were supposed to go to my beach club’s big post-school pool party. We even invited a friend to come along, paying a $20 guest fee.

In the morning we hit Trader Joe’s to get some snacks and stuff we needed for the weekend. We had just gotten into the car to go home when Big Girl held her leg up in midair and asked me to look at “all the red bumps all over it.” I looked into the backseat and my heart dropped. She was covered in a rash. It was worst on her legs, but she had some on her arms, on her face, on her chest, too. Sigh. I called the doctor and got an appointment for 2:30. And of course we canceled our trip to the bash.

At the doctor’s office everything seemed to check out. He couldn’t find anything wrong with her. No fever. No swollen glands, no redness in the throat. Her ears were clear. He decided to do a quick strep test, though, just to be sure nothing was brewing. Sure enough, Big Girl’s rapid strep test came back positive. The spots were most likely caused by the strep infection. (Vomiting, headache, body aches and throat pain are also symptoms.) And the fact that her nose wasn’t running and she wasn’t coughing was another tell-tale sign. If your nose is dripping and you have the signs of a cold you’re probably harboring a virus — not a bacterial infection.

My husband is convinced she picked it up at the local amusement park. We went there with her Daisy troop on Wednesday. The incubation period for strep is two to five days, so that’s about right. She’s feeling better now. Her spots are fading, and she feels great. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that no one else gets it.

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  1. MarthaAndMe says:

    I never knew a rash was indicative. Whenever we’ve had it, it has been horrible debilitating throat pain, dizziness, fever, etc. I hope it doesn’t go through the house!

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