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Takeya USA Reusable Glass Water Bottles; $19.99 and $24.99, depending on the size. Available in mid-August 2010 at TakeyaUSA.com, Amazon.com, The Container Store, and specialty retailers.

Pros: Naturally BPA-free; easy to clean; strong, break-resistant glass; comes with silicone cover; dishwasher safe.

Cons: No sports cap; although glass is strong, it’s still glass so I would not send this to school with my daughter.

My quest for a new drink container started when my husband started working in the city. He needed to eat breakfast on the train, and didn’t want to be buying single-use orange juice containers. They were expensive and didn’t give him the right amount of juice. (The guy goes through almost a quart at a time.)

Stainless steel wasn’t a good choice. Something about an acidic drink and a metal container just didn’t sit right. And then I got an email from the folks at Takeya USA. They wanted to introduce me to the company’s newest reusable bottle line. Yes, bottles as in glass.

They sent me two bottles to try out: The Modern and The Classic. From the press release:

The Modern is available in 16oz and 18oz sizes with a wide mouth for easy drinking, an airtight twist cap and easy-carry loop. The Modern comes in soft colors ice green, ice pink, ice blue, natural and black mist with suggested retail price of $19.99 and $24.99.

The Classic Glass Water Bottle is inspired by the iconic American milk bottle, with substantial walls and a smooth rounded spout. Available in 16oz and 22oz sizes with bright colored silicone jackets, the Classic comes in green, cobalt blue, purple, black and fuchsia with suggested retail price of $19.99 and $24.99.

Okay, but how would they hold up in regular use. This is glass we’re talking about, after all. Three words: I love them. And yes, they are extremely sturdy. My husband took the modern with him to work. First, he loved the size. He could have his fill of cold orange juice without plunking down $2.50 for a little carton. He liked the silicone jacket, saying it was easy to hold on to and kept it from bumping around too much. (He also said people on the train looked at him like he was holding some sort of explosive device. After looking at the photo, I can see why.

Is it juice or some sort of dangerous liquid?

Still, that bottle made it to the city and back without nary a scratch. And it didn’t leak at all. At all. That’s very important for anyone sharing a train or subway seat with other people. It even survived my trunk. He tossed the empty bottle into my trunk where it rattled around over the weekend. (I found it Monday when I went back there to grab a reusable shopping bag.)

Other pluses: The see-through area on the silicone cover is a good way to keep track of how much is left inside. That’s one of the main complaints I have with my stainless steel water bottle: you can’t tell how much water is left! It washed up beautifully, too. I stuck the whole thing — sleeve and all — into the dishwasher and took it out looking clean and shiny.

I decided it needed to get the ultimate test, though: a spin class. So I toted it to the gym the other night. Here’s where I found one of the negatives: the lack of a spout. It’s really hard to keep uncapping the bottle when you’re trying to do jumps on a bike. I actually spilled water down my tank top at one point. I was rushing, and the bottle top was very wide. Yes, this is a plus at a desk or on the beach where you want a wide spout to put ice through or pour a drink from, but the gym — not so much.

Overall, though, I am thrilled to be adding the Takeya USA products to my reusable bottle arsenal. In fact, after spending some time on the company’s website, I’m off to find a few more of its products. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll be adding a spout soon!

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