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Right now mommy bloggers all over the web are participating in a virtual casting couch — minus the lecherous director’s stare. A production company planning a reality show about mommy bloggers is casting via social media including Facebook and Twitter.

From Facebook: “Co-Creators, Leane Vandeman (@leevandeman) and Ciaran Blumenfeld (@momfluential) are working with a major Los Angeles-based production company to develop this unscripted series.” Hmmm. And wow. Pretty exciting. I’ve seen the competition. They are, as Nigel on So You Think You Can Dance says, “without question,” pretty fierce. And yet here I am at the 11th hour posting my own submission.

Why should I be one of the castmembers? I think it’s pretty simple: I have very strong opinions and I’m not afraid to share them. And yet I’m also very likable, I think, once you get to know me. People seem to like me — unless they’re all faking. Plus, I have been told I am a great listener with a heart of gold. I’ve also had lots of dramatic stuff happen to me. (I’ve got stories, people! Child of a widowed mother, sad childhood, engagement to an abusive idiot I broke up with, finding the man of my dreams online before there was the Web or AOL or even CompuServe, battling to stay together through our issues.) No, I don’t have a poof like Snooki or a propensity to get arrested like Lindsay Lohan, but just Saturday I yelled at a teenager for throwing a cigarette butt out her car window, and I have the ability to create a poof ala Snooki. (Lots of hair!) And there’s the whole come from nothing to make something of myself.

I’m also well-educated, have ridiculously adorable kids, a husband with a non-life threatening health issue (we’re going to go for operation number five in October), and lots of really interesting friends. And yes, I’ve been on TV before. A bunch of times, actually. For example, earlier this month on News 12. I work full time. I blog. I balance it all. I’ve been happily married for a long time. And I am staunchly committed to being green. And I’ve got lots of failings. I am, as I have mentioned many times before, a work-in-progress.

I started this blog as a mirror for myself. A way to figure out what works and what doesn’t. It was also a place to give myself permission to fail and make mistakes. I am incredibly hard on myself. Always have been. So while I don’t have a book deal and I haven’t been quoted in a New York Times article — hey, I’ve written a bunch of them, though — I think I connect on many levels with my readers. Even companies coughpeopleandcompaniesIamoutragedaboutcough read and post to my blog. Sometimes they are mad. I know I could do the same on TV. My final thoughts? You could do a lot worse, @leevandeman and @momfluential! So I hope you’ll at least give me a look as your girl-next-door, perfectionist greenie.

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