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Post-Fourth Fatigue

This is my 200th post. I can’t even believe it. It’s also the first post to come after so many days “off.” I didn’t write Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I hosted a party here Friday, saw Mary Poppins on Broadway on Saturday and spent Sunday at my beach club (a.m.) as well as at a friend’s house party (afternoon) and on my boat to watch fireworks (evening). Today I did a quick pop-in at a friend’s pool and wrote a column and a feature story. Looking back at this list it’s not really crazy, then, that I’d be exhausted. I haven’t stopped moving since, well, I don’t really know when.

So I’m going to stop writing now and go play dollhouse with Big Girl while Little Girl, worn out from a super-late-for-her night sleeps. (She usually goes down around 7, but was up until after 10:30 on the boat!) Tomorrow, however, I will have a new post as well as a new review: Leafware’s compostable plates!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend, wherever you happen to be in the world! Now what should I name the dollhouse mommy and the aunt? Big Girl has 19 family members of the dollhouse and we have to name all of them…

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