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People Who Impressed Me Today

Short and sweet: I have had a long, tiring Saturday. Went to the gym this morning. Went out on the boat with my in-laws today and, when we were only out five minutes, the boat died. I had plenty of time to think and observe. Here is my list of impressive people I have seen or interacted with today.

1) The illegal immigrants outside of Home Depot. I might get a lot of flak for this one, but I give props to anyone who comes to a new place without a job and without money. Especially all those guys who stand around the Home Depot every day. They all work really hard for very little money doing the things that Americans don’t want to do: Edging lawns, pushing mowers, ripping down walls, hammering in roof shingles, cleaning up demo lots. In the recession many of those people could go several days without a job. And yet they kept at it. THAT is the American drive. We should let them apply for citizenship so they can start paying taxes, too.

2) The members of my spin class. A 70-something year-old guy. A woman with probably half her body weight to lose. An 18-year-old. These are people who might think twice about hitting the gym. And yet there they were at 9:30 on a Saturday sweating it out. Love their energy and drive!

3) The dad in my beach club. At noon, the dad, the wife, and all three of his little girls were fishing as a family. He wasn’t playing golf or working on the house. He was out crabbing. Her, either. They were doing something that cost very little money, and having a ball doing it.

4) The great guy who came and rescued us today. My husband called a fellow beach club member today. He dropped everything to come and tow us in with his boat. Pretty amazing. We owe them a nice dinner out.

5) My husband. He spent two hours trying to fix the boat by himself before deciding it was a lost cause. He got the boat back into our slip without power. An impressive feat, especially with my two girls starving and making lots of noise and commotion. (Note to self: Always bring snacks on the boat even if you think you are going to a restaurant for lunch.) The poor guy even took an almost header, slipping and falling while trying to keep the boat from banging into someone else’s anchor. Scary stuff.

Who impressed you today? Why? I’d love to know.

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  1. MarthaAndMe says:

    Agree with you on the immigrants. Sorry about the boat, but so good that you had someone who could help you.

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