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I was born too late to truly appreciate the Beatles in their prime. They broke up before I was born after all. As I got older I was never into the Beatles, although several of my boyfriends loved the Fab Four. For example, I remember sitting in the radio station at Manhattan College playing records backwards and hearing, “Paul is Dead,” clear as day on the White Album. Still, I never owned a Beatles CD. Never listened to them unless I was sleeping over at my Uncle Alfred’s apartment. And yet tonight, watching Saturday Night Live, I was blown away by one of the two surviving members, Paul McCartney.

I knew it was going to be a good show because Paul Rudd was hosting. I love Paul Rudd. Loved him in Clueless way back when and 40 Year Old Virgin and others in more recent years. (Just an aside: It’s sort of cool/weird that he played John Lennon in the wacky Judd Apatow/John C. Reilly movie Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.) Digressing…okay so Paul McCartney is self-depreciating enough to come out and do the monologue. Then he sings during one of Andy Samberg’s DNL Digital Shorts. And then he sings. Not just once or twice, but four times. And as I am watching, the hair on my arm is standing on end.

I’m not really a music person. In fact, my husband might tell you I have the worst taste in music EVER. I love crappy 80s and 90s music. I love freestyle. (If you’re not from New York or New Jersey, you’ve probably never even heard of it. Interested? Google TKA, Lil’ Suzy, Sa-Fire, George Lamond, or Cynthia.) Oooh, I have to stay on track here. Okay, so I’m not a music person, but tonight, watching Paul McCartney I realized how amazing it is that some people have such gifts and talents. And that there will never be another Paul McCartney. And I was wishing that I was in that audience listening to him play. Because really, that experience is once in a lifetime.

To quote Paul Rudd when he got to the end of the show, “Well, this won’t be topped.” Indeed.

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