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Naked Old People Rock

My writer friend Joan Price is pretty incredible. She’s a fitness and dance instructor, motivational speaker, and an author. She reviews sex toys. She line dances. She’s written two books: Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk About Sex After Sixty and her soon to be released tome, Naked at Our Age. Not surprisingly, she falls into the demographic she’s writing about. While I’ve only met her in person a few times, I always look forward to her Facebook status updates. She’s so positive and funny, and she relishes her life. You can tell. For Joan, age is really just a number.

I wish I had the same positive outlook about getting older. I’m not thrilled about it even though I’m not even close to senior citizenship. For example, every once in a while I find myself getting very sad that I’m no longer 26, the age that one of my best friends and I decided we would be turning every year once we hit the big three-oh. I also feel a twinge when I don’t get proofed buying beer. And I am ashamed to admit that I am wistful when I acknowledge the fact that I could never (not that I’d ever want to) date the random guy I see doing squats at the gym. He’s probably 22 or so. I could have babysat for him. I even find myself asking, as I try stuff on at the mall, if something is too young for me. And you’ve all read about my craziness about nakedness. My body is like ground in Antarctica: It’s bathed in darkness for a good chunk of the year.

And yet there are so many awesome people around like Joan or M. at the gym, who must be about 75 and spins circles around me in my group cycling class. Or E., who at 67 has the courage AND the abs to wear a belly shirt to yoga. And I can’t forget my other friend who will be nearly 42 when she delivers her third baby. None of those folks care about age. To them, at least from the outside looking in, years don’t really matter. Maybe that confidence comes with age, who knows? What I do know: I still have an awful lot to learn about feeling good about myself.

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  1. Joan Price says:

    Oh, my goodness, what a lovely surprise to find this post! Thank you! I do hope that as you age (you’re a youth in my book!), you’ll come to accept the delights of experience and wisdom that come with the territory. After all, the alternative to aging is dying — we don’t get any other options.

    I believe in aging creatively, which means learning new things all the time, listening to people’s stories, staying physically active, and asking myself when I’m reluctant to try something new, “If not now, when?”

    I’m not always positive — I lost my beloved husband two years ago and still find myself enveloped in grief. But I take the love I shared with him and I move on along my path. Finding a post like yours is like discovering a beautiful wildflower along that path.

    Many thanks,
    Joan Price

  2. I try to embrace my age, where I am now… but it’s easy when you’re 35. I think maybe it gets more challenging as we age. I don’t know. My mother-in-law continually frets over her age & I really don’t want to feel that way. Yet, I’ve felt some of the same things as you mentioned.

    But… there’s SO MUCH life ahead of me, and I’m healthy. Which, is fabulous. Thanks for the thoughtful post.

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