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I Am Not a Bitch

My husband, who read my last blog post, asked me to take it down. His words:

“She hasn’t been in school a day and you have passed judgment on it, her classmates, and the families and values of every person who sends their children to public school. The only person who sounds like a stuck up, intolerant, self-centered, better-than-you person is you…PLEASE take down those awful posts. You are better than that – I don’t know what’s gotten in to you, honestly. You are a kind, loving person, these are just children you are talking about. The bitterness and anger and bigotry you are spouting is seriously awful.”

So I did something I have never, ever done. I took my last blog post down. For those of you who missed it: It was me whining about public school. I think, for those of you who read it, you should know that I am not a bad person, but I absolutely DO hate public school. Absolutely. I had some of the worst years of my life at a similar public school institution, which failed to protect me and educated me in spite of itself. Who did it fail to protect me from? Teachers like my seventh grade English teacher who had another student hold my hair as I walked down the hallway so I would “stand up straight.” Or principals who didn’t care that I was picked on so horribly that I cut class almost every single day. Who failed to intervene, leaving me to my own devices in the Lord of the Flies atmosphere. Or students who called me names and told me I was a loser whenever they got the chance. (And I actually lived in a really “good” district.)

So yes, darling husband, I have passed judgment. And based on your kid’s first day (see my previous blog post), I AM RIGHT. Public school is not for everyone. If you are a regular, average kid, it might be for you. (Not saying ANYTHING about intelligence here. There are many, many regular average kids who are geniuses.) But if you are shy or hesitant or different, watch the F out. It’s a fact. It’s real.

I promised I would give it a month or two. I am going to do that. But the fact that one of the other student’s grandmothers first instinct was to tell me all about how she hopes this year will be better because last year, in first grade, her granddaughter was bullied for about six weeks or so (and the school wouldn’t tell the parents by whom) , I am not feeling very hopeful.

This week I will try and keep the school stuff to a minimum and focus on the whole green and crunchy aspect of this blog again. Thank goodness there’s only one more day of school until the weekend here in New York.)

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  1. Jane says:

    Bullying goes on in school everyday and nobody is doing anything-The only solution is for parents to protect their children.

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