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Feeling Churlish

I spent my childhood gobbling up books. I loved Little Women, all the Shoes books by Noel Streatfeild, Nancy Drew, A Wrinkle in Time, A Little Princess, anything Judy Blume. All the Little House books, Cheaper by the Dozen. I burned through the young adult shelves often rereading my favorites over and over again. One summer I read so many books I actually needed a third page on my Summer Reading program form. I think I hit the 68 book mark between July and August. Aside from all the great stories, I picked up lots of vocabulary. (I would sit there with a dictionary and look up all the words I didn’t know.) How does this impact my current life? Well, my husband often tells me I am making words up when we play Scrabble or Boggle. (Hence, the fact that we don’t play those games much anymore.) All those books also provided me with today’s word of the day: Churlish. I am feeling very churlish today.

For those who might not remember what the word means, from merriam-webster.com:

Definition of CHURLISH

1. of, resembling, or characteristic of a churl: VULGAR
2. marked by a lack of civility or graciousness: SURLY
3. difficult to work with or deal with: INTRACTABLE (churlish soil)

I fall into all three definitions today. Number one? Well, I just wrote three of my close friends a pretty churlish email having to do with poop and used condoms. (Don’t ask…and no, nothing to do with anal.) Number two is based on how I feel about something. I was left out of two social events. Well, one that passed and one that is upcoming. I feel very ungracious about those slights. Not very civil at all. Trying to put them into perspective but in the meantime, I am feeling like an eighth-grader who was excluded from a friend’s party. And number three? Number two is turning me into number three. I don’t want to talk to anyone, and I have a short fuse. So yeah, I’m churlish all over the freakin’ place today. How about you?

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