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I’m starting to think about Little Girl’s second birthday. It’s only three-and-a-half months away. I need to figure out what kind of party I am having, (if anything), and get invitations. Then I’ll need to figure out favors, decide on the guest list (do I invite her friends’ older siblings), and pick a date and time. I am probably the biggest bah-humbug, but the whole process is just overwhelming. I used to love it, but the amount of waste that goes into a kid party — the wrapping paper, the gifts, the invitations, the postal process — is just staggering. Do I let everyone bring her gifts, or do a charity birthday like I did with her sister last year? Do I have a small house playdate or book something at a place? What to do, what to do?

Anyway, it’s Friday, and this week’s Friday Favorites has nothing to do with the above thinking-out-loud, but it was on my mind. Figured I’d ask everyone what you did for your child’s second birthday. Keep in mind that Big Girl had a giant second birthday party complete with a gorgeous dress, tiara, and about 25 of her closest friends. And now on to the things I really liked this week. A lot of these things are stuff I came across in my journalist life. I’m getting some really interesting press releases these days. The blog has made it into a few databases, which makes my life easier. Please note: I did not get any freebies. I have to buy everything I like below — and probably will be. Just wanted to provide full disclosure. I just liked ’em, so I am writing about them.

This cool t-shirt. Again, no, I didn’t get a free one. I’m just writing about it because it’s cute. I’m not really a slogan kinda gal. My clothing is writing-free, but this t-shirt, which makes GREEN into an anagram is just really cute. A little expensive for my taste, but cute, so I thought I would write about it.

A green toothbrush. I brush twice a day like the rest of the world. I have switched over to a eco-minded toothpaste — finally — but I was still brushing with the same plastic-going-to-end-up-in-a-landfill toothbrush that I always used. Then I found Radius and its eco-friendly toothbrushes. Cellulose (made from wood pulp) handle. Nylon bristles. Cool design. The fact that you pick whether you want a lefty brush or a righty brush sealed the deal for me. (Since my entire family falls into the lefty category.)

Shoes for my pedis. I get pedicures. I got a really nice spa package for my birthday this year that entitles me to one every other month. Anyway, I usually drag a set of red flip-flops with me. They are big and annoying and dirty, so when I saw these foldable flip-flops that are also made of 90 percent recycled materials I was intrigued. And at $15 they don’t break the bank. Seems like a nice addition to my manicure kit. (I bring all my own supplies including eco-based top and base coat as well as files, cuticle nippers, and a pumice stone. Too freaked out about germs to do anything else.)

Non-plastic wrap wrapping. We have no plastic wrap in my kitchen. At all. Or plastic bags for that matter. Drives the husband crazy. I tend to put stuff in the covered Corningware I have or in a Pyrex bowl that also comes with a cover. When those are in use I put a glass plate over a regular bowl to keep food fresh. Works, but not the safest option. Which is why I will be ordering CoverMate Food Covers this weekend. These are reusable, washable hair-net-looking things that stretch over plates, bowls, and other food serving dishes. The nice part is that the ones I will be ordering are sort of free, too. The company’s PR woman sent me a nice offer for my readers, and you know I am getting in on it. CoverMate is currently running a special promotion. Pay $3.95 shipping and handling and you get a sample pack of all four CoverMate sizes along with a $1.00 off retail coupon in case you want to buy more. They are BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and reusable. I plan on getting one set and hand-washing them so they last for a long time. I will still use my Pyrex and Corningware first since CoverMates are plastic, but they will be nice to have when everything is in use.

Have a great weekend, everyone. I’ve already written Monday’s post — a story about toddlers and dieting. Also, Tuesday should be about food allergies. And don’t forget about the Celestial Seasonings give-away. Check out Tuesday’s post and then scroll down a bit to enter to win a nice, big basket o’ tea. Finally, see that little brown button to your right? A little ways up the page? The one that says Top Mommy Blogs? Can you click on it? I need to move up in the rankings a bit. I’d like to be closer to 100. Right now I am close to 200. You can click once a day, which I did not know!

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