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Busy today. Stories to edit. Stories to research. Story to write. Still, couldn’t let Friday go by without a fun Favorite Things column. I’ve gathered up some interesting new Web sites. Hope you enjoy!

And since I love recounting my own Favorite Things: Little Girl went from three word sentences to ten word sentences this week. She’s so funny. This morning one of Big Girl’s friends came by. Her mom works, too, so she was dropped off at 8:30. When there’s no school we’re all just getting up around that time, which is why Little Girl was still in her crib when Christina got here. I let the little girl in and got her and Big Girl settled in the kitchen to eat breakfast. Then I ran upstairs to get Little Girl. She was so excited to discover that we had company. As soon as she sat down in her seat and she just started talking. For some reason (probably because she has a 6-year-old sister) she thinks poop is really funny. Really funny. So the first thing she said when she sat down was, “Hi-low (her way of saying ‘hello’). I have cereal, too. Cereal is poop. Eww. Stinky poop cereal. Ewww.” And then she laughed hysterically. She continued: “I eat poop now. See, see, cereal is poop.” The girls thought it was funny. And as much as I know I should have chastised her, I thought it was funny, too. (And yes, I definitely told her not to be a potty mouth.)

Enjoy the weekend, and here’s your Favorite Things Friday!

Truu Mom Confessions. How many times have you said or done something with your husband, your friends, your kid, and been too embarrassed to tell anyone? This site wants to help everyone who falls into this category, letting anyone post anything they want to say. Some of it is fairly boring. (“I hate sweating. It makes my [butt] crack itch.”) But there are some interesting and me-too moments on here as well.

IdentityTheft911.com. I write about identity theft a lot. It freaks me out because I know the statistics and I know how easy it is for someone to fall prey to such a crime. (My big tip: Don’t EVER give your Social Security number to ANYONE — not doctors, not dentists, not your child’s school. Only people who provide credit to you need your Social Security number.) If you want to know more, check out this great online guide that I am not affiliated with whatsoever.

UL’s Save Your Water. Earth Day is this month. Do you know how much water you waste every month? This neat resource, from the Underwriters Laboratories, helps you estimate how much water you use, and how you can reduce your family’s consumption. The best part: For each person who uses the calculator and pledges to conserve water, UL says it will donate one dollar to Water for People, a charity organization focused on providing clean water to those who can’t get access.

ClimateTV. I got an email from the managing editor of DeSmogBlog, one of the sites I read frequently and tweet about every so often. He wanted to let me know about a great new climate-related Web site, ClimateTV. I took a look. Lots of interesting content with a twist: People can chat with each other while they’re watching and reading. Nice.

MakeMeBabies.com. I am including this because it’s a fun way to waste some time on a Friday. The site lets you upload photos of yourself and someone else. It creates a representation of the baby the two of you might produce. (I wonder how long it will be before someone uses a resulting photo as their Facebook profile picture?)

Know a cool site or product? Feel free to suggest it. I’m always looking for interesting diversions to pass along. Also, is this one of your favorite blogs? See that little brown ad towards the top right of the page? Could you click it for me, and then click the voting icon on the page it takes you to? I’d like to move up in the standings. I’m in the 200s right now.

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