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Yawn. I am exhausted today. I was up late last night because we started looking at old videos and didn’t turn the camera off until the week hours of the night. There was a lot to go through. (We got our first video camera in August of 2003. We stopped using it early 2009 when we got a digital recorder. The tapes are the history of our life with kids.) It was the best few hours I’ve had in front of a TV in a long time.

Watching the videos, I found myself crying a lot. Happy tears. Tears of disbelief. Sad, where-did-the-time-go tears. Watching myself pregnant. Seeing all three of our pets, our first babies but now long gone, walking around the house. Seeing Big Girl as a tiny baby with pin-straight red hair. (Her hair is now the same beautiful red, but a mass of curls.) Watching her first bath. Seeing Little Girl only a few days old. Watching her first bath. Watching six years worth of Christmas mornings. (WHY didn’t I put my contact lenses on and change into something decent-looking?) Listening to Big Girl’s language and emotional development. Watching my belly bounce around with first Big Girl and then Little Girl inside. Watching Big Girl get on the kindergarten bus for the first time. So innocent, so sweet.

The people on the video tapes seemed like they were here only yesterday and yet, at times, it seemed like a lifetime ago. Oh, and they were a little clueless. (“Look, she’s trying to lick the water!” Umm. No, that baby is nine-days-old. She’s not trying to do anything, dumbass new mommy and daddy.) And a little rude. I won’t even go there, but I will say that I had MUCH less of a filter back then, and wasn’t always the nicest person. My husband and I had a few laughs over those parts.

After we turned off the television at 2 a.m. and came upstairs I truly wanted to keep Big Girl home today and spend the day playing hooky. Maybe a little Barbie fun. Or a ride out to the aquarium. I see how fast it’s all slipping by. My little baby is growing into a big kid. My littlest one will soon follow her sister into big kid world, too. Everything is always changing, and it’s up to me to make sure I enjoy the ride. I didn’t keep her home, though. I have an immovable work thing today between 9:30 and noon. I did let her break the rules and eat her cereal in the den. I turned on the video of her second Christmas — she was only 14 months or so — and let her see how adorable she was.

“That’s not me!” she said. Yes, I told her. It is. And she sat there with the same goofy smile on her face that I had last night as I watched in rapt attention, staring at the video of the beautiful little girl I fell in love with so long ago.

I’m not picking Favorite sites today. Nothing compares with the favorites I am still going over in my head. Maybe, since I am blogging all weekend, I’ll post the sites and services I’ve got in my “Blog Fodder” folder. Or maybe I’ll just moon over my kids some more. Hope you’ll check in and find out.

Happy Friday, folks. Do you take a lot of videos? How do you store them for safekeeping? We’re going to be digitizing all those old video tapes. Maybe I will throw some up online.

2 Responses to “Favorite Things Friday: Memory Lane”

  1. MarthaandMe says:

    Awww. We never videotaped anything. Sometimes I wish we had.

  2. Julie says:

    What a lovely idea. We don’t have a true video camera, but we have all these little “video clips” from our digital camera. I sometimes pop over and watch a couple. And, you know what, it’s amazing how much your mind forgets too? I’m feeling pretty pessimistic about Alzheimer’s some day. Lovely idea though. Have fun playing with Barbie. My daughter always gives me Ken. Sigh.

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