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Spot It!, my new favorite game.

Today did not start well.

Last night we had lots of wind in New York. Something about it set me off. I had nightmares literally all night. One after the other. I can’t remember what they were about aside from one where I was being electrocuted. (Nice, right?) But they kept me and my husband up when we should have been sleeping.

Okay, so it’s 8 a.m., and I get out of bed, go downstairs, and open the fridge to pull out the container of pancakes to heat some up for Big Girl. As I am opening the door, CRASH. One of the side bins falls to the floor, breaking bottles of condiments all over the place. Sigh. I kept my cool — I was too tired to do anything else — and cleaned it all up. Then we raced out the door to make sure Big Girl got the bus on time. Had to race again to bring Little Girl to her school. Oh, and hubby forgot to bring two checks to work to deposit, so I had to go to the bank, which, since I don’t have an ATM card, took FOREVER.

All that said, I am going to focus on all good things to close this crappy week out. And so…my list.

Scotch Naturals Nail Polish. Hopscotch Kids, which sells amazing nail polish for kids free of all the nasty chemicals in traditional polish, has come out with an adult version in adult colors. (The company, which launched last year, says its products only contain three ingredients, water, acrylic polymer and non-toxic colorants, and that they are “eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, fragrance free and biodegradable.”) The kids’ version scores a next-to-nothing 1 on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database, and they don’t even need top coat or base coat (which translates to less drying time), so I was thrilled to see that I would finally have an option for myself that isn’t purple, blue, or green. Got a sample in the mail this week called Kiltlifter. I wonder if that means it makes guys lift their kilts? 🙂 If so, I’ll be getting a manicure at some point this weekend. Something to look forward to!

CleanWell Hand Sanitizer. I love alcohol-based hand sanitizers. I really do. I have a bottle sitting inside my car and another on my counter, but an incident that happened over the summer makes me worry about using them on Little Girl. (Big Girl gets squirted liberally with the alcohol-based stuff.)  Little Girl was coming out of a class and got her usual dime-sized dollop of hand sanitizer, but before it dried completely, she touched her eye. We went through almost an hour of crying, with me freaking out and calling Poison Control, an office that — at this point — probably recognizes us on the caller ID. So I was pretty jazzed when I found this product at Target. Made with thyme (yes, as in the herb), this sanitizer is non-toxic and safe for the environment since it doesn’t have the dreaded triclosan in it. But the best part? It actually kills all the germs I am oh so scared of. From the company’s press release: “CleanWell uses a unique formulation of plant essential oils proven to meet FDA standards for 99.99% germ killing efficacy, and a safe and effective natural alternative to the toxic ingredients found in most antibacterial and sanitizing products.” Nice.

Spot It! Game. We have two birthday parties this weekend, so I needed to buy gifts. I went to my favorite toy store here on Long Island, Fun Stuff Toys. The guy at the desk is great. I can ask him what’s new and exciting, and he always has a good suggestion. And not only does he show me the items, he pulls out a demo and plays with me so I can gauge it for myself. In this case, what he showed me was a cross between War and I Spy. Manufactured by Blue Orange Games, a company that pledges to plant two trees for every one it uses, Spot It! works like this: Each person starts with a card that has eight symbols on it. There’s a deck of another 53 in the center of the table. You turn over a card from the deck. The first person to spot an item on that card that’s also on their card gets that card, which then becomes their new “spotting” card. The game goes on until there are no more cards in the deck. Lots of fun, and a good take-along game since it fits into a pocket. Note to Sam’s mom: I got him this along with the Ninja hamster course.

I hope the rest of the day goes more smoothly than the first ten hours, and I hope everyone has a great weekend. More reviews next week. What do you have planned?

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