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I didn’t post yesterday. I was a little busy feeling like I was dying. Keep in mind that I delivered both my babies without any drugs. Those deliveries were like a facial and a massage compared to my last 36 hours dealing with a stomach bug.

Today I still have a 101 degree Fahrenheit fever. I haven’t seen either of my kids since Wednesday at 7 p.m. The baby is pissed. My big girl is so terrified of getting sick that she told my husband to tell me that if I needed to give her anything I had to give it to him first. (LOL. She doesn’t realize germs are very smart and very sneaky and don’t bow to Daddy power.)

So what’s my favorite thing today? The fact that I am not spending lots of time examining my bathroom from angles I never wanted to see (lying on the bathmat, hanging over the bathtub, curled on the floor, kneeling with my head in the toilet…) Ahhh, those were good times. Not.

And just in case you’re wondering how I caught this and the kids didn’t. Call me crazy, but I know exactly what its origin was. I went to Gymboree with Little Girl on Wednesday morning. It’s in a school that shares space with a senior center and daycare. It’s a high volume building. On the way out I opened the door with my bare hand. Then, instead of Purelling (yes, I have created a verb) as I usually do after being out in public, I got into the car, reached over into a bag of cookies I had sitting there, and ate two. Germs introduced. And 12 hours later I was tossing those cookies — and the pasta I had for dinner — into the toilet. And for the record I believe I am completely ruined for pasta from now on. You know, how when you get sick on something, you end up not being able to eat it again? The fact that pasta-colored and flavored vomit came out of my nose solidified it for me.

My lesson is: door handles are extremely germy. Hand-washing and/or Purell treatment after touching said handles isn’t optional, it’s mandatory. Also, this experience reminded me — as if I could ever forget — that I’ve got a pretty amazing husband who slept on the couch, brought me apple sauce, and went out and got Pedialyte in the middle of the night so I wouldn’t die of dehydration.

Okay, time to go back to bed, everyone. Talk to you soon. Until then, make sure you’re Purelling. Being sick sucks.

p.s. Had to give myself a little shout-out. I had to moderate a Webinar yesterday. Not something you can get an extension on. I did it while dry heaving. I set up my office ahead of time. Blankets and towels on the floor. An ottoman next to my office chair so I could be lying down. Pillows on the floor and in my chair. I made it through, and sounded pretty professional, too. Thank goodness for the Mute button…Did you ever work ill? How did that go?

8 Responses to “Favorite Things Friday: “I’m Not Throwing Up” Edition”

  1. Leslie says:

    You. Did. Not. Moderate. A. Webinar. While. Heaving!?!?!

    I am impressed.

    Spinach knish is my no-no food. I got food poisoning or something from one six years ago and haven’t looked at one ever since!

  2. sheri says:

    I had to interview engineers for our company in between throwing up. I know almost nothing about engineering so I had made notes but found I was too nauseous to look at them. Luckily it was all phone interviews, unfortunately two of the interviewees spoke very broken English. It was terrible! I was laying in my bed talking on the phone and trying to concentrate on not throwing up for 30 minutes while trying to sound professional. Luckily, I pulled it off pretty well! Next time, I will reschedule…

  3. Shari says:

    Wow, that is amazing. Not surprising though 🙂

  4. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at your post. I feel for you. The closest I have come to achieving something whilst heaving was driving to school to pick up my equally sick daughter with a bowl between my legs. Not pretty either, but moderating a webinar? Hats off to you! Glad you’re better now. Have a cookie…, or not.

  5. MarthaandMe says:

    Oh, gosh, I hope you feel better soon! I’ve had similar things happen, where I know exactly how I caught something like that. I try so hard to always wash or Purell but sometimes you just can’t or don’t remember.

  6. kb says:

    Yes, it’s a new-ish client and I was not going to cancel on them first thing in the morning when the Webinar was only a few hours later.

  7. kb says:

    I’m sure they never noticed. Wow, you had to look at notes and everything. Crazy…

  8. Christine says:

    I feel for you! I did the same thing a few weeks ago and I think it was the worst I’ve ever felt in my life!! Hope you feel 100% better soon.

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