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I have spent almost the entire week with the kids. Snow, my husband’s operation, more snow. It’s been a mommy-and-them week. We spent a lot of time outside, and loved it, which is why today I am posting some tips to help you make the most of your time outdoors. Enjoy!

Find a new locale. You’re probably well aware of your local parks and popular hangouts. However, mixing it up can get you excited about being outdoors. PlanetExplore, a new online community enabled by The North Face, helps people find outdoor events in their neighborhood. It only launched recently so there’s not much there yet, but I love the idea, and will be checking it out myself in the coming months.

Taking a walk with the dog. Okay, so I don’t have a dog. But I wish I did. My husband and I used to walk every single evening. We even took our nightly walks when Big Girl was a small baby. We stopped after a while because our dog got too old. Anyway, I used to go around cleaning up my neighborhood. I was always running out of bags, which is why I would have loved having one of these dog leash pouches made from reclaimed sweaters. Cool idea. Even cooler that it’s made out of something that may have gone into a landfill.

Find a new game. I am going to the 2010 Toy Fair this weekend. I’m really excited. I was looking through some of the award-nominated items when I came across the Swinxs, an interactive toy platform. According to the video I watched there are three types of games — educational, active, and adventure. Each player gets a wristband that communicates with the main unit. Then they pick a game, most of which are played outside. So, for example, they can have races (and the Swinxs says who wins — love that about it), play tag, do relay races. It’s a very nice option for kids who are used to playing video games since it gets them outside but still gives them that high-tech feel. I am hoping to see the actual game in use this weekend, but from what I can tell, it’s going to be nice. (As long as it’s durable, that is.)

Keep it safe. If you’re outside, you’re exposed to the elements. I wear 30 SPF sunscreen on my face every single day. Winter, spring, summer, and fall. I put sunscreen on Big Girl, too. I won’t suggest a specific sunscreen. I’ll just remind you that tomorrow’s skin cancer is from today’s exposure — especially in kids. Snow, which reflects the sun, can intensify exposure. Check the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety database, find the sunscreen that’s right for you and your family, and wear it. You’ll thank me when you look better than all your friends.

Have a good weekend, folks! I am going to try and update the Green & Crunchy link between now and Monday. When I get too busy at work I tend to let that slide. Sorry! It’s been a hectic few months! What’s your favorite thing to do outside? Let’s hear about it…

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  1. Oh, I am jealous that you will be going to the Toy Fair, what fun. I know I am a little old for toys, as is my daughter now, but we’re not to old for board games. Saying that, the electronic world is taking over from those too fast…. give me a nice game of rummy cub over guitar hero any day. But I suppose that just proves that I’m old.
    Enjoy your weekend.

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