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I’ve got some great sites, but I had to catch you all up on one of my non-favorite things this Friday afternoon: The job that got away.

My husband got sick back in August. Those of you who have been reading for a while know that. At the time he had his own business. As soon as he got sick he stopped working. He didn’t have disability, so that was that. It’s been all me. Four operations later he’s finally feeling well enough to work again so he’s out on job interviews. He’s been on seven or eight — I’ve lost count. (Quick aside: I’m thinking, based on activity around here, that the recession seems to be waning.)

Anyway, the one I wanted him to get is close to our house. (The others are in New York City, which would mean a train ride and a very slim possibility of being home before the girls go to bed.) While on the last interview at the close-to-our-home place my husband brought up my kids. He said he liked seeing them in the morning. Today he found out he didn’t get the job because they need someone who is available all the time. “A 24/7 employee.” They never said that having kids was a problem; I am reading between the lines. He was told he was the best candidate and yet I’m pretty sure that one mention of kids crushed his chances. Bah.

This proves that once again no matter what anyone says, parents — moms and dads — are often looked down upon on in the workplace. We’llĀ  hear how he did on another of his interviews next week. Fingers crossed, people. And now onto the Favorites…

Oyster.com: There are plenty of websites that rate hotels and give people the skinny on travel spots. This one, however, is building in details about how green those locations are, too. For example, whether it is LEED-certified or making efforts to conserve energy and water. I like it.

World Vision Gift Catalog
. Wait, Mother’s Day (another made-up holiday I don’t really love) is Sunday? And you haven’t bought your mom anything yet? Why not buy something that will help others? The World Vision people (I checked them out on CharityNavigator.com and they do excellent work) have a gift catalog that lets you buy things like medical supplies, building and farming supplies and food for impoverished or displaced people. There’s even a section for victims of the Haitian earthquake. Prices range from $16 to $39,000. Great idea — definitely.

Green Your Small Business Challenge
. I get a lot of contest pitches. I usually skip them. I hate posting stuff that doesn’t apply to more than a handful of people. However, with so many people out there working for or starting their own businesses I figured this one was worth it. A 100-word essay will net some small business owner a $10,000 green office makeover.

Glass Water Bottles. I love my stainless steel water bottle, but I am afraid to put anything but water in it. These Aquasana bottles are made of glass. You have to buy the AquaKoozy (sort of like a padded bottle cover) to make sure it doesn’t break and shatter, but it looks like it’s something worth trying out, right?

I’m still participating in the WordCount Blogathon, so I’ll be here all weekend, folks! Hope you stop by and say hi.

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