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Busy week, busy day. Lots of work to do. Still, can’t let Friday pass without a few good things and an update on my spend less challenge.

This week I purchased the following items (things I could touch): groceries (milk, bread, hummus, berries, the usual stuff), a subway ride card, and a pack of gum. I feel most guilty about the pack of gum. I needed cash and didn’t want to pay an ATM fee so I went to Kmart in Penn Station. There I bought the gum with my ATM card so I could take cash back. The gum has a lot of packaging and it was blue. Not good for me or the environment. Next time I will plan ahead better.

And now on to the Favorite Things…

Stainless steel ice pop makers. When I was little one of my most favorite things to eat in the summer were the homemade ice pops that we made using our ice trays, tooth picks, and orange juice. Yum. I wanted to do the same with the girls, but hate the whole plastic/BPA/wasted toothpicks scenario. The SafeMama tipped me off. I’m passing the tip along to you. Yes, they still require Popsicle sticks, but I intend on washing them and reusing.

RecycleYourMat.com I have three yoga mats sitting in my trunk. One sitting in the house. This organization wants to help me lighten my yoga mat load. They take old yoga mats and upcycle or recycle them. You can search for a drop off location or, if you’re so inclined, ask your favorite yoga teacher to get involved with his or her own yoga recycling program. Studios that get involved have a chance to earn free yoga blankets — a nice thing to have during shavasana.

Great workout music. I love spinning. I love any exercise, really. Still, I dream of the day when I can buy my own spin bike and create my own 60 minute routines. Right now, I am making do with my treadmill, and it’s often difficult to find the right music to work out to. That’s why I really liked ISweat2theBeat.com. The site helps you figure out how many beats-per-minute your favorite songs have so you can create your own exercise mix on your iPod or MP3 player. I will be using this a lot when I get my Spin bike…someday…

Child bike seats. No, I don’t have a spin bike, but I do have my own bicycle, which I’ve been using quite a bit. Now that Big Girl can ride, we can all go out together. Right now, I have to use my husband’s bike since his is the only one that allows attachment of a rear child seat. I was pretty excited when I found something that would let me ride with Little Girl on my bike, too. (Hubby is six feet tall. I am 5′ 8″. His bigger bike makes me nervous.) WeeRide’s Kangaroo LTD puts the seat in front without impeding your movement — at least that’s what the Web site says. I’m hoping to try it out to review it. I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great weekend, everyone. It’s been a long, often-difficult week. I am so glad it’s over. How about you? How was your week?

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