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A lot of my writer/blogger friends are posting retrospectives. Lists, if you will, of their top ten 2010 posts. The posts that got them the most traffic. Inspired, I went and looked at my Google Analytics. My top ten posts in terms of traffic were no surprise. My main URL — NaturalasPossibleMom.com — got the most traffic. People (like you, maybe) who type the address to read on a regular basis. Reviews got a lot of traffic. So did my bio. Rounding out the top ten traffic list: individual stories that got Stumbled or re-tweeted or shared on Facebook.

I was surprised, however, when I got around to looking not at traffic or hits but at the content that got people to linger on the site. The stuff that people found and decided was worth a deeper dig. The story choices didn’t surprise me. (I really like the stories that made people stick around.) However, the fact that the the two categories — top traffic posts and top time-on-site posts — do not intersect did give me pause. Yes, that’s right. The posts that inspired people to stick around the longest were not the ones on the top ten traffic list. And even more interesting: Only one in five of my top posts has anything to do with being natural. Go figure, right?

Curious about what your fellow readers like to read? Here’s my top three posts in terms of traffic as well as the two stories that got people to stay on my site, on average, more than 22 minutes.

A post entitled Sunburn on a Cloudy Day was my most popular direct link. Lots of people Googled, “Can I get sunburned on a cloudy day?” and found my blog. It’s definitely worth a read, even in the winter since yes, you can get a sunburn when it’s 20 degrees outside. And of course my Southern Hemisphere readers (hi, Australia contingent!) should be thinking about this as they enjoy their summer months.

The second most visited post was Spanking: This Will Hurt Me More Than It Hurts You. It’s a story I wrote after talking to a new mom who was spanking her three-year-old. I was upset about the encounter, and shared my own spanking experiences.

The post in the third spot goes to Cereal Killers: Kellogg’s Methylnaphthalene Problem. Another post that got lots of hits in natural search. People heard about the Kellogg’s recall, Googled it, and found their way to my site.

Okay, here’s where it gets interesting. The post that made people stick around the longest is called Love Isn’t Complicated. I wrote it after an especially tender moment with my husband when, for a millisecond, I saw myself through his eyes. There are a zillion reasons that I love him with all my heart and soul. This post is just an example of one of those reasons.

The post that kept people around the second-longest is The Definition of a Friend. I wrote it when I was feeling especially vulnerable about — what else? — a newish friend. Upon reflection, the blog post ended wrong. I was fooling myself. I am still hiding some of the time. My darling husband confirmed this tonight, saying that I still hold back a lot. That, because I am afraid to disappoint or have people see me for who I really am, I still keep things surface-y. (Surface-y is my word. He explained it in a much wordier and nicer-sounding way.)

Okay, so resolution time again. I resolve to remember Joel Goodson. I resolve to put myself out there more. Putting this in writing is a huge first step since I know at least some of my friends and a few acquaintances read this blog. I promise to try and be less surface-y.

List aside, what was your favorite blog post this year? It doesn’t have to be my blog. Feel free to post your favorite overall blog post here. I love finding new people to read and follow. Just no spam, please.

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