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Before I go any deeper into this post: For the record I feel very, very bad for Eva Longoria. She seems truly devastated. A few years ago she seemed like she was truly in love, so she must be in agony today. It is horrible and stupid that her husband Tony Parker strayed, even if it was only mentally cheating, with a teammate’s wife. WHAT was he thinking?!? And that’s the rub. That’s why Eva is why we hate ourselves.

Let me explain. Okay, so you’ve got Eva who weighs – what? — 90 pounds? She’s gorgeous. She’s successful. She seems like a smart chick. She’s rich. She’s famous. The clothes! The events! Who wouldn’t want to be her for a day? And yet her husband found it necessary to go out and cheat. You can say the same about Sandra Bullock. Or Tiger Woods’ Wife Elin Nordegren. Or Christie Brinkley. All seemingly perfect women who got dumped on and cheated on by their men, most of whom weren’t what I’d call huge catches in the looks department. Then we, the people, read all about this on TMZ.com and tune in to Jon Stewart before bedtime for more details and a pithy joke or two before heading off to bed. The next morning we wake up and stare in the mirror.

My mirror sort of looks like this: Crazy hair, puffy eyes behind Coke bottle eyeglasses, ragged t-shirt paired with frumpy sweats. And that’s just in the bathroom mirror. I’m not discussing what’s going on underneath it all. Suffice it to say that I am not what you’d call a pretty wake up. So we start thinking and comparing. And maybe some of us wonder. If those gorgeous women get cheated on, what’s stopping our [insert relationship title here] from cheating on us, too?

Even if we’re in a stable, loving marriage with an amazing, sweet guy we might think those things. Sure, rationally we know that people in Hollywood and on athletic teams have a slightly skewed view of the world. They are used to having their every desire met in the blink of an eye. But still…Eva Longoria?!? Christie effing Brinkley?!? Who cheats on that??? And then we go eat a piece of chocolate. (Or at least I do.)

And so that, my dear friends, is why Eva Longoria is the reason we sometimes hate ourselves. Of course, she’s also the reason I’m pretty happy I married a regular guy.

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