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Dinner with Friends: A Gift

We went out to dinner tonight with three couples I lovingly call our Game Night crew. These are the couples we’ve been getting together with about once a month for a few years. When we meet we eat massive amounts of food and play games. (For some of the members — three out of four of the coughhusbandscough — there might be alcohol involved, too.) And we laugh. A lot. A LOT. There are usually aching face muscles involved after playing a few rounds of our favorite game, The Game of Things.

Last night’s get-together was a fluke. Usually it takes us a full week to pick a night where we are all free. This time we pulled it all together in an hour and only about 20 or so emails back and forth. (Sometimes it takes many, many more.) We went to a local Mexican place, ate appetizers and fajitas and laughed. We always laugh while we’re picking on each other and debating current events.

We were brought together by the kids. I met one of the couples when Big Girl was three-months-old. She was one of my first Gymboree friends. Over the years she and her husband, S. have become our close friends. The second couple also came from Gymboree, but my husband and S. met the wife at a Saturday class while I was at the gym and my friend was at work. The guys came home and told us we needed to meet this really nice person, and her fate was sealed. She became our friend. The third couple came in a tiny bit later. I met the wife at dance class when Big Girl was a month shy of three. We would sit outside the dance class and chat, and soon after we started doing playdates. And one day, thinking it would be great to get all these wonderful people together, game night was born. Amazingly, all the husbands really like each other. They’ve actually gone out together alone — without us! Can you imagine?

Every day I thank God that I have these two kids and for all the joy they bring. And last night, as I was looking down the table and waving to my husband seated at the other end (it’s a long story) I added another blessing: My babies brought six more people who I genuinely love, respect and have fun with into my life. They brought me my Game Night crew. I’ll keep ’em, I think…

How important are your adult friends? What are some of the ways you keep in touch with them? And more important: Do you have any great games you’d like to suggest for our next get-together?

2 Responses to “Dinner with Friends: A Gift”

  1. Alexandra says:

    How fortunate you are to have become friends with these people! Yes, our kids do introduce new folks into our lives. Some remain, some don’t. But the whole period provides a richness that is absent after kids grow up and leave the nest.

  2. Shari G says:

    Great post. Your friends must feel very fortunate to have met you and your family as well.

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