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CSA Pet Peeves

We’re in Week 20 of our community supported agriculture (CSA) share. We’re a drop off location, so I am always the first and last in the garage after the veggies are dropped off. This is my fourth year as a CSA member, but only my first as a drop off location. I have three main comments about the experience.

1) People neglect to pick up their shares. This baffles me. For the past three weeks we’ve been left with three boxes sitting in the garage at the end of the night. Three overflowing, huge boxes. I dropped off a giant box of vegetables to the food pantry today. I just don’t get it! I don’t understand why you wouldn’t ask a friend or a relative to pick your share up for you, or why you wouldn’t pick up the phone and ask me to put it aside. I would be more than happy to put the box outside for an early morning Wednesday pickup.

2) People don’t want everything they get — so they leave the “extras” here. This seems so random and strange to me. For example, last week someone took half of their vegetables and left behind what I assume they didn’t like. Except they didn’t leave the box out where someone could find it. The box got buried under other empty, folded boxes so when the driver came this week he found a mushy, mushy mess. (And I was finally able to identify the funky smell that’s been haunting us all weekend!) This week someone left their leeks behind. Took everything else, but left their leeks. At least they were nice enough to leave them on top of someone else’s box, I guess.

3) Some people are slobs. Okay, my garage isn’t the neatest garage in the world, but that doesn’t mean, for example, that you, Mr. or Miss CSA Share person, can just leave your box without folding it. Or that you can leave behind the extra plastic bags you brought with you, or the paper bags that the tomatoes come in. I also take offense to the fact that you’re cleaning the tops off your veggies off in my garage. Yes, I have a compost, but that doesn’t mean I should be cleaning up after you!

Will I do the CSA next year? Absolutely. But I’m going to ask permission to create a Rules of the Garage sign to post up to avoid the issues we’ve had last year. In the meantime, I’m off to enjoy my leeks and tomatoes. There are only six more weeks of veggies coming my way, and I want to enjoy them while I can.

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