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Composting at Last

Better than a diamond ring or a trip to the spa -- at least to me!

My husband came home from the store today with a surprise. One that made me smile really widely: A compost bin! Finally!

He gave it to me right before dinner so all the non-meat scraps that are sitting on the table will soon find a new home. I can’t wait to see how this is going to affect our garbage output. Now almost everything old and moldy sitting in the fridge will get tossed in the compost as well as grass clippings and leaves. I will also toss in our old egg cartons (the paper kind, of course), paper towels, tissues and napkins. And I can even throw in my shredded documents.

Experts say that those who compost can reduce the amount of trash they send to a landfill by 30 to 50 percent. I guess we’ll see, but in the meantime I’m off to clean out my fridge. What an exciting way to spend a Saturday night. Thanks, Chris!

Do you compost? Any tips for me? If you do compost have you seen a big reduction in the amount of garbage you’re putting out every week?

8 Responses to “Composting at Last”

  1. Welcome to the world of composting! We’ve been composting for probably 15 years, and between that and recycling, we rarely have enough trash to put our toter out every week (or even two).

    We do compost paper towels, but we use the brown, unbleached kind, so that’s OK. I’d be cautious about putting bleached paper products or paper with inks in the compost bin. We use our compost for our yard/garden, so I want to keep it as natural as possible. But you also need to be concerned about ground contamination from the chlorine and other chemicals. But you can compost tons of other things, including coffee grounds, tea bags and eggshells.

    Have fun!

  2. Oh, we’ve also composted the corn-based paper plates/cups/utensils that we’ve bought for parties. But then I read that those products are made with GMO corn, so now I am unlikely to do that again (or buy them, actually). I’ll be looking for other compostables made with better ingredients, or just using reusable plates!

  3. landguppy says:

    We put all our food scraps in our yard waste bin. There’s no way I could convince Husband to compost. Which is fine. We send our waste away and then the city turns it into compost, which I can buy. Or I go get coffee grounds from Tarbucks for nothing.

    But you go girl!

  4. I have been toying with the idea of getting a composter. It’s still a really novel idea down here, but there is one company which sells them. Keep us updated as to how it goes and I will follow suit soon!

  5. susandelg says:

    Welcome! Composting is wonderful! My husband built a box in the yard soon after we moved into our house. I’m a bit of a bully about composting and freak out if I find a banana peel in the regular trash bin. I take my neighbor’s bag of grass clippings once in a while since I can’t stand to see him put it out for the garbage men. We use our compost in the spring to amend our vegetable and flower beds, and it truly does make a big different in the quality of our produce, as well as the amount of trash that we put out in the regular bin.

  6. Susan says:

    Like Christina, I’ve read that you shouldn’t compost bleached paper.
    Composting has cut way back on my garbage and it helps my garden.

  7. Hooray for composting! We did it for years at home in Michigan, and I’ve just started doing it again here in Tokyo. I’ve been burying our compost in the garden of late, and just got the go-ahead from the farmers to put up a bin. Without a bin we’ve been puting our garbage out on burnables day, but since I’ve been taking it to the garden we have almost nothing to put out on Tuesday and Friday. And without a bin (or chickens, for that matter) I’ve had to purchase compost, composted manure, etc. It’s nice to start turning that around. You’re going to love it!

  8. Alexandra says:

    Hope you enjoy your new compost bin. Don’t put worms in it. I discovered that worms are a whole other kettle of fish. They multiplied to such an extent that I never had any more real compost once I added the worms, just worm casings.

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