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Chemical Overload: In Haiku

I read another story today that made me sigh. CNN posted it: Companies, hospitals move away from toxic material. It talks about vinyl and PVCs. How, when burned, they release dioxins, which cause cancer and a slew of other health problems. And how companies and hospitals are trying to phase out their use because PVC may also contain phthalates, which are hormone disruptors. Think about the last time you went to the hospital. How many PVC items did you encounter? Tubing, beds, floors — the list goes on and on. Scary, right?

I finished the story and just feel terrible. Every day it seems like there is another report and another study linking our environment to negative health problems. And every day companies and organizations such as the Vinyl Institute and the American Chemistry Council — even pro-health organizations such as The American Cancer Society — come out and tell us not to worry. It will all be okay. The researchers don’t know what they are talking about. The studies are all wrong. It’s just really depressing and disheartening.

So today, a day late, I am ending my post with a haiku. (The WordCount Blogathon asked participants to write haikus yesterday. I forgot.)

It is the money
That trumps our health and wellness
We should be ashamed


Chemical exec
A place is waiting for you
In hell and it’s free


I cry for our kids
What are we doing to them
We need to stanch it


Money can’t buy health
It can buy lawmakers though
A very sad state

Please let me know if I messed up the moras or anything. I haven’t written haiku since fourth grade. And since I love participation: How about adding a haiku of your own? Oh, yeah. And see that little brown square to the right? The one that says Top Mommy Blogs? Click on it and vote for me? You can vote every day to help me move up on the list.

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  1. wow, they don’t make voting easy there, do they? but i did vote!

  2. Alexandra says:

    Many of the American Cancer Society’s biggest donors are in the chemical industry. That explains a lot. It is absolutely disgusting. You are right. How short-sighted we are as a nation! Members of Congress can get bought, too. What in the world can we do about this horrible situation? Blog to raise awareness is a starter.

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