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And Now We’re Home

Patient is resting and watching an American Chopper rerun with his dad. My mom took Big Girl to the store to buy lunch stuff. Little Girl is napping. Me, I am breathing a lot easier. I was a wreck before.

This morning, as I was driving in to the city (OMG, I give all you commuters SO much credit!) my mind was wandering all over the place. To the fact that, since my husband left so early, he didn’t get a chance to hug Big or Little Girl in the morning. And how Big Girl looked all scared and worried when she heard the door open and my mom come in. We didn’t tell her directly that Daddy was going in for an operation. We figured she’s got enough to think about. But this morning, when I saw her face, I wondered if we made a mistake. What would happen if something happened to her dad? Would she be haunted by the fact that she, like her mom before her, never got a chance to say goodbye. Crazy me. I called my husband and told him to please call Big Girl to tell her that he loves her. And he did, of course.

Now it’s the afternoon. A bright, clear day here in New York. A perfect day to count blessings.

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