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Can I blog every day for a month? I think so. I hope so. Especially since I’ve already committed to do just that.

Fellow freelance writer and editor Michelle Rafter created the WordCount Blogathon three years ago as a way to motivate herself to blog more. That year she got about two dozen writers to join her. Last year, the blogathon was even more successful. About 45 freelance writers joined the event and committed to blogging every day for a month.

This year there are about 110 freelance writers who will blog every day between May 1 and May 31. You can check out the other participants — many of whom are friends of mine — at the official Blogathon site. There truly is something for everyone. Blogs about personal finance, parenting, food, travel, blogging, marketing, gardening, business — it’s all there. The writers hail from all over the world. I spent some time on many of the sites and had to pull myself away since I have a huge assignment due tomorrow and needed to get writing (and stop reading)!

Oh, and you can keep up with what everyone is doing by following the #Blog2010 hashtag search on Twitter. I just took a look and there are a TON of people posting about their latest blogs and the blogathon.

Hope you’re having a good weekend. I’ve had a migraine since yesterday afternoon. Got a massage today. I’m hoping it will help loosen things up. Massage therapist said my muscle groups were all stuck together. Too much work, I think, and not enough yoga! I hope to change that. In addition to blogging daily this month I’m making a commitment to practice yoga daily whether it’s alone here or in a studio. Wonder which — yoga or blogging — will do more for my life?

2 Responses to “I Must Be Nuts! I’m Doing the 2010 WordCount Blogathon”

  1. Hope you feel better soon! I’m a yoga-er myself, and am trying to get back up to a daily routine, too. Found you through the Blogathon, and I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. Rachel Vidoni says:

    Hey Natural as Possible Mom! You CAN do the blogathon! Just quit preparing dinners and take a sabatical from the household chores and it’s amazing how much time you can come up with! I’m also blogging in the ‘thon and always end up writing my post the same day, when ideally I’d like to be one ahead….

    I’m curious to hear how your composting bin works out. My husband made a large area out back where we’ve been throwing the grass clippings, food scraps and leaves for awhile now. Am I supposed to be adding some dirt in there with it? Supplementing the worm population? We’re novice composters, but I’m trying. Good luck with the blogathon! Can’t wait to read more of your posts!

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