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News for November 9, 2009

Experience Project is buzzing about this: Haagen-Dazs is giving a dollar per tweet to save honey bees. 3 more days! Me: Want to get involved: Tweet #HelpHoneyBees to get your donation.

Environmental News Network is building interest. New Market Study Finds Green Buildings Continue Impressive Growth. Me: I am very ashamed that I didn’t insist my summer renovations be green.

Treehugger says people are going hungry — for a reason. Climate Justice Fast Begins — Hunger Strike Continues Through End of COP15 Conference. Me: 40 days of no food to demonstrate the cost of our environmental debauchery. I applaud you, protesters.

MSNBC reports on the real price of oil. Cavern Could Collapse, Taking Part of N.M. City. Me: Another case of people taking from the earth without thinking about its affect.

The New York Times discusses the yin and the yang of environmentalism. Balancing Energy Needs and Material Hazards. Me: We’re doomed, aren’t we?

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