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News for November 5, 2009

Health News wants you to watch the meds you take while knocked up — no joke: Two Common Antibiotics Linked to Birth Defects. Me: Tell your midwife or doctor before you take anything, and check with your pharmacist, too. Sometimes they know more than the doctors.

NaturalNews.com reports more shots without parental consent: Brooklyn girl winds up in hospital after being injected with H1N1 swine flu vaccine without parental permission. Me: I smell a law suit. A BIG one.

Treehugger.com wonders how far people will go to stay eco-friendly. When Given the Chance, Will Consumers Pay More for Green? Me: Don’t look at me. I’m the crazy girl who spent $75 for a Thanksgiving turkey, remember?

EcoSalon worries. What will happen to your crops if your neighbor’s crops are genetically modified? EcoMeme: Gene Flow and GMOs. Me: I have no words. Really.

Medical News Today says vitamins may not do a developing body good. Children’s Asthma Risk Linked To Folic Acid Supplements During Late Pregnancy, Australian Study Me: Exactly why I wouldn’t take prenatals. I took kids’ vitamins instead, and ate more veggies and fruits.

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