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News for November 6, 2009

Health News reports you don’t need multiple embryos for success. Single Embryo In-Vitro as Successful as Multiple Implantation. Me: Reality producers are terrified! Now there will be fewer people to put on TV.

Data Center Knowledge reports on Facebook’s greening. Facebook Goes Green with New Datacenter. Me: Does that mean it will crash less often?

Financial Times discusses green trade relations between China and the U.S. Green stimulus and the dangers of ‘buy American’

FoodNavigator.com reports big win for organics. USDA Invests in Organics Me: $19 million? That’s it? Carmakers got a heck of a lot more.

OrganicJar.com is dismayed to hear about orange juice “flavor packets.” (A few weeks old, but still a good watch.) The Shocking Truth About Orange Juice. Me: Sigh, I’m not sure I want to hear any more bad news about “good” food.

Environmental News Network (via the LA Times) reminds cows not to eat poop. FDA Urged to Ban Feeding of Chicken Feces to Cattle. Me: Is this something that really needs to be said??? Isn’t this obvious? Holy crap…or is it chicken crap…

Yahoo! Green covers the BPA debate. Is there BPA in your canned food? Me: I read the Consumer Reports story. BPA in all 19 samples. Makes me so sad. Buy fresh to avoid getting contaminated, I guess.

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