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News for November 4, 2009

Treehugger.com wants to know: Is Etching a Safer Alternative to Stickers for Labeling Produce?
Me: Lasers on fruit? Hmmm. Better than adhesive, right?

The Huffington Post thinks Obama Has More Work to Do. The Obama Administration and Food: Year 1. Me: Loved reading about Mrs. Obama’s organic garden. Leading by example is my favorite way to teach.

GreenBiz.com says there’s more to recycling than bottles and cans. Owens Corning Works to Keep Roof Shingles Out of Landfills. Me: How awesome. I still feel guilty about all the building materials we threw out during our home renovation.

Yahoo! Green exposes a nifty solar program at Dell. Dell Plants Solar Trees in the Parking Lot. Me: That’s a great use of wasted space!

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