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News for November 28, 2009

MSNBC reports on how global warming affects the animals. Much Less Stable Ice for Polar Bears, Expert Says KB: Seems to be a trend…

GreenLivingIdeas wonders if the folks in the U.K. can keep the fires burning. Britannia to Run Out of Wood for Second Time in 500 Years KB: The U.K. has it partially right using energy from biomass. Too bad it can’t last, according to this story.

Clean Techies explains why it’s important for states to score well in the Freeing the Grid report card. Freeing the Grid — Building Local Solar Markets, One State At A Time KB: The better the state is graded, the easier it is for its people to install solar power on houses, buildings, businesses. How does your state rate?

Good looks at what to do with all those unwanted Thanksgiving leftovers. Food: Waste Not, Want Not KB: The story says the average American wastes 1/2 pound of food every day. This spring I am starting a compost pile to lessen my load. (Another great blog: WastedFood.com)

Associated Press (via DailyMe.com) discusses ski resorts v. their government. Ski Resorts Fight Global Warming; Utah Gov Unsure KB: Another case of head-in-the-sand politics.

Treehugger asks about organic farming’s potential to lock up carbon. How Much Carbon Can Organic Farming Sequester? KB: Good question! Someone should be looking into this.

BotanyBuddy discusses making Christmas greener for everyone. Trimming the “Greenest” Tree. What a fabulous story. I have a six-year-old artificial tree, but if and when it goes I will try and go greener with my tree.

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