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News for November 24, 2009

Sierra Club gives us some come-backs. Holiday Survival Guide: How to Win Arguments and Influence People. KB: This is going to be really useful when the in-laws come up for the holidays!

Care2 is on thin ice. Antarctica Melting at a Faster Rate KB: I don’t understand how people can still say global warming is a joke.

UPI looks at India’s solar commitment. India Plans Solar Power Boost. KB: The sun, one of two truly renewable sources. (Wind being the second one, of course.)

Bloomberg.com wants to know if your aches and pains are related to climate change. Harvard Says Kidney Stones, Malaria Are Climate Risks KB: Makes sense. Our bodies are acclimated to today’s world.

The New York Times smells garbage. As Sewers Fill, Waste Poisons Waterways KB: Our local beach is closed every time it rains too hard. And we’re on Long Island. Something needs to be done.

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