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News for November 20, 2009

EcoSalon educates: 8 Eco Terms Everyone Should Know: From COP15 to Astro-Turfing. KB: I follow the eco-beat, but I still came away learning something.

San Francisco Gate identifies a hot topic. More debate over San Francisco’s Compost KB: I am using this as inspiration to start composting this spring.

Scientific American goes skyward. Growing Skyscrapers: The Rise of Vertical Farms KB: Coolest. Idea. Ever. And at least you won’t need to worry about using pesticides.

San Jose Mercury News tackles the issue of a football stadium. Santa Clara Commissioners Review Final Report on Environmental Impact of 49ers Stadium Proposal. KB: Wait, you mean building a stadium is bad for the environment? Who would have thought…

The Times (UK) says there are gender differences when it comes to carbon footprints. Women’s Carbon Print is Small, but Climate Change Hits them Harder KB: Again, not exactly a shocker. Just look at my TV size preference versus my husband’s.

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