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News for December 23, 2009

Environmental Health News reports — no more secrets: EPA Announces Plan to Require Disclosure of Secret Pesticide Ingredients KB: Anything that doesn’t kill pests must be reported on label. So you’ll know what –aside from poison — you’re using in your home or yard.

SustainableBusiness.com says no lumps in the stocking this year: No New Coal Plants Started in 2009 KB: And coal use is down, too!

Treehumper has a funny way to get you to remember our oceans’ plight: Toy of the Year: Great Pacific Garbage Patch Kids KB: A reminder that we need to get serious about plastic and recycling — and soon.

More SustainableBusiness.com good medicine: Feds Get Serious About Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water. KB: Fed sets goals about drug returns; lists ones that are okay to flush. Thank goodness, and it’s about time!

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