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The Associated Press reports on a story that should be getting more press. Group threatens lawsuit over 144 species KB: President Obama, I know healthcare is important, but these species need your help!

HuffingtonPost.com has photos of animals we may miss someday. Rocky Mountain Endangered Species: 11 Endangered Plants and Animals KB: And this is just in the Rocky Mountain. Can you imagine what the worldwide list looks like?

MSNBC gives poachers the horn. Race to rescue nearly extinct rhinos KB: Only eight of these beautiful animals left in the world. I hope we can save them.

The Hartford Courant Echos Bat Problems. Bat Deaths: Some Species At Risk Of Becoming Endangered KB: Bats help keep insect problems down, according to my daughter’s first grade class. This could be a big issue for humans.

The Miami Herald details Alaska’s shortsightedness. Alaska to seek limits to Endangered Species Act KB: I’m not surprised. Disappointed, yes. Surprised, no. Here’s hoping the legislators don’t find a PR firm to help them out.

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