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Billed as virtually unbreakable...but we shall see what happens when Big Girl and Little Girl have a go at 'em

Billed as virtually unbreakable...but we shall see what happens when Big Girl and Little Girl have a go at 'em!

It’s Friday, which means it’s Favorite Things day: My opportunity to share some of my latest Web finds with all of you. (And yes, my readership is actually growing!) This week it is all about keeping it green.

Little Girl is my very active baby. (A fellow blogger and friend told me not to write what I usually call her since some day she will be able to read.) Anyway, keeping her seated in a highchair or booster is next-to-impossible, which is why I was very interested in My Baby’s Own Travel Chair. Sure, I am excited that, unlike those big plastic take-along chairs, it’s made out of a fabric that’s free of azo dyes, phthalates or Bisphenol-A, and it’s formaldehyde free. However, I am just as excited that it looks like it will keep her from escaping. (And I’ll actually get to eat a meal.)

Of course, there are plenty of those plastic chairs — and travel cribs and exersaucers and toys — out there already. As someone who tries to follow the reduce, reuse, recycle guidelines I couldn’t wait to try the next site of the week, Zwaggle, to unload all the chairs that Little Girl learned to escape from. Zwaggle is a site that lets you turn your unwanted gear into points you can use to “buy” things that you do want. Think of it like a cookie exchange. Say you have a pull-toy, a DVD, and some bedding to get rid of. You post them to the site and receive a certain amount of “zoints” that you can then turn around and “spend” on someone else’s unwanted DVD player, for example, or baby bath. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

I was actually hoping I would find some BPA-free bowls on the site. My mom melted my Green Sprouts bowl — the one of those BPA-free items made out of cornstarch resin — that I used every morning to feed Little Girl her cereal. She put it in the dishwasher. I couldn’t find any, though, so I went in search of a replacement. To be honest, I wasn’t that upset when it melted because it was made in Korea and with all the reports of unsafe manufacturing overseas, I’d like to try and buy American if possible. I found something pretty cool: Kidishes. Made of strong tempered glass, there are plenty of hysterical videos on the Web that show them being flung to the ground over and over again. Plus, they are made in France. Not the U.S., but definitely better than China or Korea. So I went out and ordered one. I’ll let you know if Little Girl or Big Girl shatter their claims — or the dishes!

Thank goodness we’re already covered with what to put into the new bowls. We belong to a local CSA, Golden Earthworm Farm. Every Tuesday we pick up our fresh, organic veggies. Usually, we love everything we get, but right now we’re getting a little sick of kale. My share partner, I think, was feeling the same way. She found a fun site, VeggieTrader.com, that lets you trade your unwanted vegetables for varieties you like better. Signing up on the site is free, and you can post what you’d take in trade, and search by Zip code for the closest tomatoes and green beans. I haven’t signed onto the site yet, but I will be doing just that this weekend. I can’t wait to see if there are any kale-lovers out there with too many sweet potatoes. We can’t get enough of those in my house!

There is one more thing I need to get rid of: Shoes–old shoes that aren’t nice enough to donate to the local church. My Web searching helped me find them a new home. (In the past, I would have just sent them to Nike’s shoe recycling program. However, I’m not sure I can forgive Nike for hiring Michael Vick as a spokesperson.) I was thrilled when I found a site, RunthePlanet.com, that lists 16 other options.

How do you get rid of your old stuff? Are you a Craigslist junkie? Do you donate to your local homeless shelter? Let me know so I can share everyone’s ideas.

3 Responses to “Favorite Things Friday: A Chair, A Dish and Some Trading”

  1. Brandon says:

    Thanks for turning me on to Zwaggle! I wouldn’t have heard of it if it wasn’t for you. Awesome!

  2. Shari says:

    I bag up all my unwanted clothes, shoes and even bedding and put it on the curb on the designated day after receiving a post card from usually a local church or Big Brothers Big Sisters.

  3. kb says:

    Brandon: Right? So cool! Did you get a chance to use it yet? I’m curious to see how it worked out.

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